Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Returning from Tripping, Cruising & TimeShare Shopping --

Since I have no followers to this blogspot, I should not worry that I am delinquent in writing ---Hey I have been gone for over 3 weeks and I just got back to beautiful Midway today. Here is where I have been --(in case anyone even cares - boo hoo) I went to Alexandria,Va to my daughter Andrea's cute little house on Cameron Mills Rd. She and Mark and their 3 children are moving to Peru very soon, so they went to look for a casa to live in. I left on Nov. 11 and today is Dec. 3 and I am just returning. The house looked great by my standards (which are not too high in the housekeeping department). My daughter Meredith and her husband's family used our house for Thanksgiving so they had lots of fun cooking here. (and a big thanks to Mere and James and any others who cleaned out my fridge - thank you thank you thank you!) I was so glad they could use it, but felt badly that I didn't have more time to make it look a little less cluttered...Oh well, those who know me, know about my clutter habits. At age 69, I am not trying to impress anyone and must make sure that my craft/felting/wreathmaking/pincushion/santas/nativities/ . making, etc. etc. is messy at all times. How else can one work if one doesn't have their "stuff" out every waking minute. I am so lucky to have this basement where I don't have to be too neat!!! Thank you Jerry for letting me put in a basement.

Well, I am rambling - Got home from Andrea's on Thur, Nov. 20th...picked up by my kind sister, Susie Cannon....then to her house for repacking of the suitcases and stealing most of her fancy clothes for our cruise....That night we had a fun time at the J>Smith memorial building for my long time friend (since birth) seventieth b-day dinner...It was so grand and Mary Jayne looked radiant and adorable as she always does and didn't look a day over 49. Then it was back to the Cannon house to sleep and have Susie take us to the airport (by this time Jerry had come to meet me) On the way home, we stopped for gas which I pumped, then on to the drug store to get some eye drops for my poor swollen allergy eyes (that is another story - every time I go to the Austin's house my eyes to this wicked thing) In the mean time, I forgot to put my wallet back in my purse (it is a very thin little thing) then I drop it in the parking lot of the drug store, so when I get in to buy the eye drops, I have no money. The store is getting ready to close so I run to the car and can't find the darn wallet. This nice man pays for my eye drops because he feels sorry for me I am sure he sees how pathetic I look and knows how badly I need eye drops....So when the wallet was no where to be found, we rush back to the gas station....not there - no one has seen it or turned it in. Now we go back to the drug store which is all closed. We remember that Jerry has moved the car so we thiink I could have dropped it on the ground by the first place we parked....not there....we are sad...flying out early the next morning so we have to cancel all the credit cards....ugh what a mess.... no sign of the wallet. Luckily we have our passports so we are still able to get on the plane. Receive message the next morning that the wallet was found by an honest employee who turns it in...they call the next morning, but we are gone and the credit cards have already been cancelled...Oh well, such is life.

Now I have to hurry and run an errand, so will have to write the rest of this saga later, but if you go to you can see pics of when we got on the boat for our cruise. They are posted by Andrea (the younger) Jones. I will be back w/ more comments when I get another min. Keep on looking. I will put some pictures on myself. I know now why I have no followers on this could follow all this nonsense and trying to figure out what is going on....I do want to tell you about our lovely cruise and our stay in Newport Beach...and how much Calif. traffic means to me! so stay tuned. Don't give up. I promise some pictures.


Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

Sounds like you had a great time on your trips. Sounds like a great was to spend Thanksgiving.

About Ours Good One Home said...

What a fun blog!! Matt just told me about it. I'll show you how to upload photos. I'm looking forward to seeing you on Christmas!