Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ok, this is really making me crazy. I click on the dealy hopper that says image, and then I can't seem to do anything after that. I just need a servant up here to help me operate this blog. I was able to find some pictures that I want to post, but then I can't find them when I get on the blog...what is wrong here...If anyone reads this (which I doubt) then blogspot me back and tell me how to get the pictures. Since I can't get this to work, I am turning on the TV and going to do some more felting. I am very excited about my latest felting project and some ideas that may be created from it due to suggestions of friends....more later on that.

Have a good evening.
Well, Doggone - I got the wrong picture of the nativity...Although this is a very cute hand knit one that a lady in NZ makes...She charges alot, but then they are lots of work. I have ladies come to my basement every Tuesday to felt. Most of them are making nativities and they are very cute. You would not believe what the basement looks like - w/ all that wool getting spread around. I just can't seem to lick my "thrift store" habit.... Today my car just automatically drove there w/o even thinking. Luckily, I had forgotten my purse, so when I arrived and went to reach for my purse and it was not there, I was really "bummed" ...However, I remembered that I had a little money in my levi pocket, so I was able to go in anyway. I didn't even spend all the money...I got an Australian Very Wacky Man's sweater that is wool. When I was waiting in line to pay, this man in front of me saw the sweater and said, wow that is really a "rare" one. He said, "you can sell that on Ebay for a lot of $$$$. It is called a GeCcu. I think instead of shrinking it up like I usually do, I will put it on Ebay...but no time, it seems. I also got a really cool looking Ugndian woven vase like dealy hopper - I have no idea what it is , and then I got another needlepoing piece. It is a "horse one" I think it is made in China, but it is quite nice.

I am excited to be going soon to Washington,D.C. to help Mark and Andrea w/ their children while they go to Peru to find a house. I know that we will have lots of Wii bowling and boxing tournaments. I have been practicing up for those Austin Kiddos. I hope I am up to the task of being a "Mom" once again. I will probably be worn out when I get home, just in time to get to Spencer and Andrea's house in Calif. and then Jerry and I are going on a cruise to the Mexican Riveria...It will be the first time in many years that I have not cooked a Thanksgiving Dinner!!! Whoopee! I wonder if they will feed us turkey on the cruise????

I am going to see if I can put on a picture...Wish me luck. I need help tho. Why are computers so had for those of my generation (old timers!)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Hello world --- well I hope the world is not looking at my very unexciting blogspot....I couldn't remember how to post anything so haven't written lately....first of all my computer was not working, so Mere andJames, bless their little hearts took it to Provo to try it out at their place. It didn't work there either, but yesterday after getting something fixed on it, they brought it back...Long story short, thanks to them and many calls to comcast by Mere, I now have my computer back. What has been happening???? Well, work, work,work.

Saturday I had the most unsuccessful garage sale of my life.....I will not be having any more of those at this house....It is just kind of hard to wind around and find our street...hardly anyone came and it was too much work for the results gained.

The last few weeks I have used Jerry's computer and put a few things on Ebay to sell. I decided that I could clean my house and make $$$ while I was at it. I put 86 items on Ebay...only 27 sold and 59 are still with me. Seems the odds are not too good, so I will have to reconsider doing Ebay sales....That means - "No more buying stuff at the thrift stores!!!!" is hard to resist, but I must curb my bad habit of buying things I don't need and can't sell on Ebay. It is amazing what does sell on Ebay. This is what I discovered....needlepoint (vintage) that went well, Ski sweaters die pretty well, Vita Mix blender did very well... Next time I am going to try some fabric...Oh I did sell 3 pieces of Nifty Nurse Fabric...

I will try to find some pictures and put them on for you to see.

The exciting news in our family is that Andrea, Mark and their 3 children will be moving to Peru. They are going to be gone from 3 to 5 years.... I can't believe it, but it will be fun to visit them in Peru. I think it will be a great experience....The next exciting news is that they are buying a house in Midway so that they can have Midway their headquarters when they come home for visits! I just went to the house they have chosen and picked apples growing on 2 different trees in their front yard.

Tomorrow I am having the lady felters over for a felting session. Most of them are making Nativities for Christmas. I am trying to make some too. I will try to post a picture of what they look like.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Quilting Retreat

Shirley, Doris, Deonn & Tineke needle felt a pin cushion
Bonnie displays her buggy barn witch wall hanging (very cute)
Most of our quilters posing by the pond
Margaret works on her 9 patch double Irish chain quilt
Jill working feverishly on her wool santa pillow
(Jill wins the prize for getting more things done - amazing!)

Views of Hidden Springs (we think there was a fire in the distance)

Hidden Springs Ranch from the back

What a fun spot - I want to go back

On Oct. 1, I drove to a lovely ranch outside Altamont, Utah (by Duchesne) Go to to see this very nice place. There were about 20 + of us that were able to attend our 3 day retreat...It was way too short. We quilted and felted and talked and walked, and swam, etc. It was so much fun. I am going to put some more pictures on....Meredith was just up and showed me...she had to leave, so I hope I can do it. The weather was fabulous and I even started making a double Irish chain 9 patch quilt. Next year we need lots more people to attend. This lodge sleeps about 90 so we have plenty of room. We had great food, great friends and an overall really fun time.