Monday, September 29, 2008

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As soon as I can figure out how to put in some pictures, I will do so. I have had tons of emails today telling me how they liked my blogspost!!! Of course no one above the age of 40 knows how to put in a comment, so it looks like no one has gone on to read anything. I relate, I have tried to put comments on blogs that I read and they never seem to work. I think you have to sign up and log in and then go through all these other gyrations to post a comment. It is a good way to keep up with each other.

Today has been a long hard day. This morning I went for a beautiful walk w/ about 5 other ladies....they are younger and faster than I am, and I feel badly if I slow them down, but they seem to put up with me and take me as I am...a tad overweight, well maybe more than a tad..w/ little slits for eyes that I can't even tell what color they are any more...definitely not violet eyes to die for...Then I had to make funeral potataoes for the latest funeral...we seem to be having a rash of them lately. I did not know this lady well, but she was happy to go I am sure since she had been suffering w/ cancer for a few years. I heard the funeral was wonderful and I am sure that the lunch held after was really good. I always like funeral potatoes myself and the only place I ever get them is at a funeral. I imagine that is why they are called funeral potatoes. After I delivered my huge load of funeral potatoes (must have weighed at least 20 lbs. w/ all that cheesy white sauce, etc.)- I had to work at our store - Seasons of case you don't know about "our store" I will tell you a little.

Several years ago a few of us were talking about what a "bummer" it was to always have to drive to Provo or Salt Lake to buy fabric. Long story short, 20 women went together and bought a cute little old pioneer house and presto - we opened up...Well it really wasn't that "presto" It took lots of time and planning. We have learned alot, sweat alot and prayed alot for its success. Some days are really busy and we sell lots of gifts and fabric. Other days are slow and we don't sell much of anything....but most days are really pretty good. We depend alot on the tourists that come visit our valley because they want to see beauty, feel peace and quiet and come here... There are lots of strong women w/ very good ideas and very creative, fun women. We have classes for children to learn to sew. I am the bag lady teacher...I don't teach any quilting classes because I really haven't made any....yet, therefore am not qualified to be a teacher... I have several started that may get finished in my lifetime....I hope. I am also the felting on...

When Jerry and I served a mission for our church in New Zealand, I learned about needle felting and it has become a very fun hobby for me. You could say it has taken over the basement. I have wool, yarns, roving, more wool, wool sweaters that I have felted by washing them in hot water and shrinking them up to almost nothing. Out of these sweaters, blankets,etc. I make funky santas, purses, table runners, pin cushions, and anything else I can think of. Tomorrow I have a felting class to I really should leave my blog now and write more later, since I must prepare for the that it is ll:00 p.m. I usually do my best work between the hours of 11 and l:00 a.m. I have found that I am not as happy as I would like unless I can make something every day...or at least start something. The trouble is is that I get it to the point where I can see what it is going to look like and then I loose interest. So many things are awaiting to be finished. I have to force myself now to stay out of thrift stores in case they have any bargain priced wool sweaters or blankets that I can "eventually" turn into something. I have had to move some of my things into the garage in large bins, labeled red, black, tan, white, etc. I am now devising a plan as to how to rid myself of some of this wool. I think I will try ebay, but then there might not be anyone else out there that is as crazy about wool as I am, and then too I have heard that ebay is floundering along with everyone not only do I have more money tied up in wool that I would care to admit or care to have Jerry realize (I think he is on to me), but I have no time to turn it into anything creative because I am always reading other people's blogs and marveling at how much they accomplish, so I must sign off now and I promise I will write more later and take pictures of our little store and some of my little felted creatures, which I must admit are pretty useless.

I promise I will learn how to post pictures...they say a picture is worth a thousand words so that would make everyone happy not to have to read all this rambling.

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Brent and Tracie said...

I'm excited you have begun a blog. I've enjoyed every visit we have made to your home. I'll anxiously await each post:)